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the names .....who,what,when,where,why.

the attic tapes were discovered in an attic in Holland in 2003. nothing like the Dead Sea Scrolls, they were in cardboard boxes with reel to reel tapes, cassettes and a few odd cds .

the attic tapes appreciation society are gradually transfering everything to new cds for protection. also we are recovering the story behind all of this song demo material which reveals a lifetime of performance "off stage".

the names williams

names williams borrowed a stereo reel to reel tape recorder from his auntie one saturday afternoon in 1965 and, after exchanging a few cables inside, he figured out how to add overdubs of himself and so he recorded a song ( i can't sleep at night thinking about you).it sounded a bit like the Walker Brothers.

that night he couldn't sleep at all.... thinking about pop songs, thinking about recording and.....well... all he needed now was a good name the names began, and the songs came, demo after demo after demo.......

all of the music and performance on the attic tapes collection is composed, played or sung by "the names williams" unless otherwise stated by using the real name of any guest musician, session player or band member involved with "the names" throughout his recording career.....well known or not, each played their part in this strange saga and every one of them will be remembered in pop/rock history as having been one of......the names.