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the names

1969 with Karakorum. Martin Chambers, Names Williams, Paul Cobbold.

1971 with Karakorum at the Marquee Club, London.

1970 Ledbury Social Dance,UK and 1998 Luxor Beat Night, Arnhem, Holland.

1964 vox gtr... Martin Chambers, Rob Cook, Names...County Farm Blues Band 1967.

1991 Names as Lee Krazee living in bedsit, Holland with 4 track cassette recorder and carpet, knife, fork, cup and plate while recording "shove it in yer face".

1993 Norman Norbal.

Having a boiled egg and "centring himself " before meeting his guru, the Rama Llama Dingdonga Bebopa Lula.

Jesus Gracias-Amigos 1995, Jolly Goodson C&W 1996, Jimi Appendix 1997.

2000, Rudopa Mountains, Bulgaria.

Bill Collins with Bulgarian gypsy singer and whistler, Stoyan Kolarov, ( he'd whistle into a portable player and sell a cassette after handwriting the titles and artwork on the cover with a pencil ).

2003, deneb.(holistic):