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the names .....a various selection from the attic tape collection.

anti satelite satelite

recorded circa 1980 at Banana Stand Music studio, Welsh border, UK.

guest on drums: Rick Martinez (later with Hawkwind).

under a taxi

recorded 1991 in bedsit, Holland using a 4 track cassette recorder on the floor. (there was no furniture).


recorded 2001 at denebulae studio, Holland.

prisoners bitterness

recorded 1970 at Rockfield Studio, Monmouth, UK together with Karakorum, a group.

vocals and itsy bitsy guitar during opening: Names Williams.distant echo and blues guitar: Rich Edwards (a rare talent, since with, among others, the Elderly Brothers). bass: Paul Cobbold (later recording engineer/producer with, among others, Clannad, Roy Harper, Cliff Richards, Joe Strummer). drums: Martin Chambers (later with The Pretenders).

borrow my burro

recorded 1995 in the bedsit, Holland (now with furniture taken off the street).

one track of a series which became a slightly Mexican style joke/parody cassette entitled QUANTAT ESUVEYA by JESUS GRACIAS-AMIGOS. (a great character amongst the names). The entire vocals on the cassette were sung from beginning to end in one take as Jesus Gracias-Amigos (aka the Names) stood at the microphone consuming two bottles of wine while totally naked except for a bowler hat on his head.

borrow my burro was the last song sung in this session, by which time the artist was spontaniously reaching a personal milestone in rock history and was rather pissed.

sky blue

recorded 1996. Bill Collins on a four track cassette recorder, Holland.

fly up me nose

recorded 2004 at denebulae studio, Holland.


recorded 2004 at denebulae studio, Holland. a meditational, relaxation instrumental.

deneb (aka Names) is currently relaxing.

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